Can I Go Swimming With A Rolex Explorer?

The Explorer models come with a minimum water resistance of 100 meters. Only the Rolex Cellini comes with a maximum water resistance of 50 metres. It is fine to wear your Rolex Explorer in a hot tub, chlorinated swimming pool or the sea. If you a looking for more info about this, here is a question you should also read about: what does Rolex charge for service?

Rolex Explorer are built like tanks, so whatever you can handle, your Rolex can handle as well. You should rinse your watch with fresh water after wearing it in the ocean to get rid of salt and sand deposits.

If you plan on swimming with your Rolex Explorer, be aware that it is water resistant to 100m(300ft). As long as you use the Rolex Date appropriately, you can swim with it. The water resistance of the Rolex Explorer is 10ATM the equivalent of 100 meters (300ft), making it suited for usage in both the pool and the ocean. It is common to find terms like Rolex Sky Dweller rubber strap with this question.

All modern Rolex wrist watches are built with a water-resistant Oyster case. The Rolex designed case is water resistant to 100 meters or 300 feet and can be used for swimming and bathing, however diving is not suggested. Note: The topic is indirectly but also directly related what is the average price of a Rolex in america?

You shouldn't wear a vintage Rolex Explorer while swimming. It requires servicing, gasket replacement, water pressure testing, and gasket replacement to remain water-resistant. As a result, antique Rolex Explorer should never be submerged.

Its water resistance makes it suitable for wear in a swimming pool and even in the sea. The Rolex Explorer comes with a threaded Oyster case. The crown and case are screwed down and sealed with gaskets, much like a submarine hatch. As a result, this Rolex innovation makes the wrist watch more water-resistant and works better than water-resistant timekeepers only sealed with screws.

You will need to take extra care of your Rolex Explorer when you swim regularly. An aperture is made in the Rolex Explorer as soon as you remove and pull out the winding crown. Rolex Explorer can be penetrated by dust particles and moisture under certain circumstances. Where there is a lot of humidity or dust, like at the beach, a hot tub, or indoor pools, Rolex Explorer crowns should not be opened. You may find the answer here if you are specifically seeking information about 16523 Rolex Daytona.

Keep your hands off the crown and the bezel while you are underwater. When the Rolex Explorer crown turns, it reduces the timepiece's water resistance, increasing the risk of water damage.

When swimming with a Rolex Explorer, you should avoid high impact with the water. Cliff diving and board diving can cause water pressure to exceed a watch's water resistance of 100m(300ft). If you're unlucky during your dive, you might be able to displace a gasket.

After bathing with your Rolex Explorer, rinse it with fresh water to eliminate salt and dust deposits. Then dry with a soft cloth. When swimming with a Rolex Explorer, pay attention to the timekeeper's timekeeping accuracy, power reserve, and moisture behind the crystal. At the first hint of difficulty, it's a good idea to get the Rolex Explorer examined by a Rolex-certified watchmaker.

Rolex Explorer Water Resistance On Going Care

You don't need to be concerned if your Rolex Explorer gets wet every now and again. Simply double-check that the crown is securely fastened to the casing. Although a Rolex Explorer can go in water, it is a costly solution if you need a timepiece when you work out. You can also get a less expensive watch that you will use for swimming. The indirectly related issue people need to consider is is the Rolex thunderbird the first waterproof Rolex?

To go in the water with a Rolex Explorer has a cost. The Rolex Explorer is without a doubt one of the most amazing watches that may be worn when swimming. However, the Rolex Explorer is not the most cost-effective model for swimming. See the dedicated article for more information about Rolex Oyster water resistance. A Rolex Explorer that is immersed in water needs to be serviced more frequently. Water resistance is a temporary property that will deteriorate over time. The water in swimming pools contains chemicals, and salted water is very corrosive. Both of these circumstances can diminish the Rolex Explorer 's water resistance. Here is a subject you should also consider reading about if you are looking for information on it: what is the cheapest lady two tone Rolex?

Regardless, Rolex Explorer should be monitored more closely if they are regularly submerged in water. Otherwise, the watch may sustain water damage, which you may not detect for months. If water damage is visible on your Rolex Explorer, you will have expensive repairs to make.

Rolex service is more expensive than that of other wrist watch brands that make water-resistant wrist watches. Repairs at Rolex Service Centers are quite expensive, especially when parts of the Rolex Explorer mechanism need to be replaced owing to rust. You can budget appropriately now that you know how much swimming with a Rolex Explorer costs. In the event that you are specifically looking for information about buy Rolex los angeles, we may have it.

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations when using Rolex watches. Make sure your watch complies with Rolex's specifications. If you're a diver, swimmer, surfer, sailor, or someone who wears their watch in the water on a regular basis, you should have it checked more frequently. You can compromise the water resistance of your Rolex timekeeper when you drop it. If you have worn a Rolex in the sea, whether for diving or just swimming, it should be washed with fresh water afterward.

Is Rolex Explorer Waterproof Watch?

Is Rolex Explorer Waterproof Watch?

If you're considering buying or currently owning a high-end model like a Rolex Explorer, you'll want to know if it's waterproof. People also wonder about the following: how often does a Rolex Milgauss need to be serviced?

With Rolex's Explorer watch, waterproofness is guaranteed up to 300ft or 100 meters. Rolex wristwatches are known for their water resistance, which is one of their greatest strengths. With the creation of the first water-resistant wristwatch in 1926, Rolex has continued to improve in this field.

Explorer watches are water resistant up to 300ft or 100 meters. The Rolex Explorer is water resistant and may be worn while swimming, but not when diving. The Rolex Submariner was created for scuba diving and is water resistant to 300m/1000ft.

Rolex's founder, Hans Wilsdorf, was a pioneer in the field of waterproof timepieces. His innovation, the Rolex Oyster timekeeper, was a significant improvement for model water resistance. This page may provide information specifically about my Rolex stopped moving. The Oyster case on every Rolex Explorer model makes it waterproof to 100 meters or 300 feet.

Rolex Explorer wristwatches have waterproof components. Unlike other manufacturers that employ screws to attach their case backs, Rolex uses an Oyster casing for the Explorer. Here is another topic you should also read about if you are interested in this topic: is leaving a Rolex hack stopped bad for watch?

The gaskets in the Rolex Explorer Oyster casing are compressed to hermetically seal the timepiece. Because the gaskets are compressed, water is repelled from the casing more effectively.

Rolex Explorer watches can be worn in the water because of their design. Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, was concerned about the watch's resistance to water and dust. He realised that a dry and airtight housing is vital since a watch movement is sensitive to dampness and moisture. See the dedicated article for more information about buy used ladies Rolex.

The Oyster watch case was conceived and patented in 1926 by Hans Wilsford. At the core of every modern Rolex Explorer, you have the Rolex Oyster watch case. Like a submarine hatch, every element of the case is threaded and screwed down. Gaskets keep the model movements hermetically sealed inside the case. In comparison to screws, the system is far more efficient and performs better.

The weakest element of water-resistance timepieces has always been the winding crowns. It makes no difference how watertight the case is if the crown stem creates an entrance in it. This aperture on the side of the case has proven difficult for manufacturers. Many watchmakers use a gasket around the crown to keep water out.

Crown stem holes are the weak part of a wristwatch's water resistance. The stem of the crown is attached to the movement through a hole in the case edge. The crown seal is compressed, chafed, and stressed when it is rotated, wrapped, and turned to alter the time.

Rolex Explorer feature the patented Twinlock system for better water-resistance than traditional crown gaskets. A threaded crown screws into the case, and a threaded stem crown has been added. For added waterproofness, Rolex's Twinlock mechanism combines threaded stems and rubber o rings. Several gaskets are pressed inside and around the crown stem.

The crown on a Rolex watch must be lifted out and rotated to run the timepiece. Waterproofing is less effective in timekeepers with crowns than in watches without them. A crown stem allows water to enter through a tube. When the crown is removed from a watch, it becomes non-waterproof. A Rolex can be harmed by moisture and dust. Its crown now offers better water resistance due to its improved design.

The modern Rolex Explorer features a patented Twinlock screw down crown that is guaranteed waterproof up to 10ATM the equivalent of 100 meters (300ft). With the Twinlock winding crown, the Explorer has a double waterproofness system. This device has two sealed zones, one in the tube and one in the crown. Explorer wristwatch's crown is waterproof to a depth of 10 ATM/100m/300ft when it is in its screw-down position. By screwing down the crown, the Twinlock offers an exceptionally high level of water resistance compared to other watches on the market. The Rolex Explorer is water resistant to 10ATM the equivalent of 100 meters (300ft) with proper care. It's crucial to remember that Rolex Explorer watertight warranties necessitate routine maintenance and repair.

Swimming In The Ocean With A Rolex Explorer Tips

Ensure that your Rolex Explorer is still water resistant: If you're planning on swimming with your Rolex Explorer, be sure to check its water resistance periodically. Water resistance tests do not need opening the watch, so you may do them without jeopardising your Rolex guarantee. The best method for determining waterproofness is to do dry pressure tests. Once a year should give the confidence that your Rolex Explorer is still currently waterproof. (Another subject to consider is servicing a Rolex how much does it cost?)

When you swim in water, you should clean your model afterward. Rolex Explorer seawater is much more corrosive and harmful than freshwater. If you've just gotten out of the water, be sure to thoroughly clean your Rolex Explorer with fresh water. Removing salt deposits and sand deposits from the case back, the crown, and the bezel. Don't forget to clean the clasp and bracelet. Certain terms like are often found with this topic.

Make sure the winding crown of your Rolex Explorer is properly sealed before submerging it in water. It is also crucial that the crown be tightly screwed on the case. The Rolex Explorer crown must be fully inserted in order for the watch to be waterproof. If you a looking for information about this, here is a issue you should also read about: how much is Rolex Milgauss?

Don't open or adjust the crown in the sea. When your Rolex Explorer wrist watch is submerged, it is not a good idea to unscrew and open the crown to modify the time or date. When the crown is submerged in water, you should never open or use it since the water resistance will be reduced. This page may provide information on service costs of Rolex in particular.

Avoid exposing the Rolex Explorer to extreme temperature changes. The Rolex Explorer will be harmed by an abrupt temperature change. It's not a good idea to take a cold shower after a sauna session if you want your Rolex to last. As a result of these extreme temperatures changes, the metal case and the seals are stressed. The watch might lose its water resistance.

Don't let harmful chemicals come in contact with your Rolex Explorer. Chemical agents, like as perfume and soap, might harm or discolour the Rolex Explorer. Contact with aggressive cleaning agents might shorten the life of gaskets. The gaskets and water resistance of a Rolex Explorer can also be damaged by repeatedly exposing it to heavily chlorinated water. Many hotels have swimming pools and Jacuzzis that use a lot of chlorine.

Follow the Rolex waterproof guidelines in the Rolex instructions manual. The Rolex Explorer is sold with an instruction manual explaining how the wristwatch function and how it should be used. Rolex rules, particularly those concerning the Rolex Service and waterproofing requirements, are critical.

Are All Rolex Explorer es Permanently Waterproof?

Are All Rolex Explorer es Permanently Waterproof?

We often take the Rolex Explorer water resistance longevity for granted. In order for the water resistance depth rating to remain effective, it must be periodically serviced and inspected. This issue is indirectly related to the next, but it is also directly related: how much gold in Rolex Datejust?

Because Rolex watch owners are unfamiliar with gaskets, many believe their wrist watches will remain watertight without the need to replace the rubber gaskets. Certain Rolex clients may come to regret their decision. The timepiece's gaskets must be in excellent condition in order for it to be fully water-resistant. Click here to read the article dedicated to Rolex service center New York ny.

Prior leaving the Rolex factory in Switzerland, the Explorer gaskets are thoroughly checked. The casing and gasket seals are both strained at Rolex's lab during testing to guarantee the timepiece is water-resistant. Testing is done on a Rolex Explorer in perfect condition with brand new gaskets, going beyond the limitations of the waterproof warranty. The current topic is indirectly and directly related to the previous one: how often should you service a Rolex watch?

When the gasket seals on the Rolex Explorer wear out, water resistance may be lost. Used rubber gaskets will not provide the same amount of waterproof protection as new gasket seals. See the dedicated article for more information about Rolex worked 40 hours last week.

The model must be equipped with gaskets in good condition to be water resistant. Rolex gaskets, although having high-quality seals, degrade with time and must be changed. A gasket can be displaced by impacts. The rate of gasket degradation is mostly determined by how the timepiece is used. Swimming in the sea will cause more stress on a Rolex Explorer than a model that has never been exposed to saltwater.

The gaskets of Rolex watches play a crucial role in their water-resistance. Several gaskets are placed around the crystal, the winding crown, and the case back on the Rolex Explorer in areas where water pressure can penetrate the model. The basic function of a gasket is to keep moisture out of a space. The strength of the barrier in a model is its water resistance.

Water Inside: Will Rolex Explorer Watch Corrode?

Rolex's Oyster Steel is made from steel 904L, which is more corrosion resistant than other stainless steels. In this way, Rolex cases are extremely corrosion-resistant, but the movements inside can yield to rust. Without immediate attention, even a small amount of condensation inside a movement can significantly increase corrosion levels. A Rolex model should be serviced immediately if condensation forms under the crystal or there is water on the dial. If you wait too long, you are more likely to have serious rust damage. Rust is one of the rare things that will destroy a Rolex beyond repair During the rusting process, one gear of the movement will usually affect another. The longer condensation is allowed to remain inside of a Rolex, the worse the rust damage will be. Note: The current question is indirectly but also directly related Rolex why are complications so expensive?

A closed back is included on the Rolex Explorer Oyster case. As a result, visible rust damage is hidden. After dismantling your Rolex Explorer watch, a Rolex servicing allows experienced watchmakers to analyse it for rust. This page may provide information on Rolex running fast in particular. Rolex uses a high-quality, rust-resistant steel in the construction of the Rolex Explorer Oyster model casing and wrist strap. Invisible rust problems can develop if humidity gets inside your Rolex Explorer movement. Swimmers or those who expose their Rolex Explorer watch to water should have the watch serviced and pressure checked every twelve months. For more information about the brand: I recommend that you also read about the following: why Rolex Submariner are so expensive?

Rolex is kept waterproof via rubber seals on the watch. It is necessary to replace the gaskets as they are wearable components of a Rolex Explorer. Not only is a worn rubber gasket ineffective, but it also increases the risk of condensation and moisture damage.

On the outside of a Rolex Explorer, rust damage is not frequently noticeable. If condensation breaches and remains trapped inside the Oyster wristwatch case, rust will destroy a Rolex Explorer movement. Before going swimming, double-check that your Rolex Explorer 's crown is securely fastened. Have your Rolex Explorer pressure tested every 12 months to confirm that it is still water-resistant to the manufacturer's standards. If the test fails, have the Rolex Explorer serviced as early as possible. Here's where you might be able to learn more about Rolex sub is it worth it in particular.

Does Rolex Cover Water Damage?

Rolex Explorer has a five year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. A waterproof guarantee is a part of Rolex marketing, and the company advertises that the Rolex Explorer is guaranteed waterproof up to 100m / 330 feet.

You did not dive to 100 meters with your Rolex Explorer, but there is condensation inside your Rolex watch. Does the Rolex warranty cover the Rolex service to fix it? That is a good question.

I am not sure how Rolex will deal with it, but I believe you will need to demonstrate that water damage is the result of a manufacturing defect for the Rolex warranty to work. I have no idea how to do this.

The vast majority of water damage is due to missuses of the Rolex Explorer. The owner did not follow the Rolex waterproof guideline, for example, of always rinsing the watch of all salt and sea residue. Another common reason for water damage is leaving the Rolex Explorer crown open when swimming or not screwing down the crown correctly.

Water damage due to misuse of the watch will not be cover by the Rolex warranty. In most cases, the water damage Rolex Explorer can be repaired by a Rolex watchmaker. The cost will depend on the condition of the watch.

How long does Rolex take to service a Rolex Explorer watch?

Will Rolex Take Care Of A Explorer Watch Modified By An Unauthorized 3rd Party?

Will Rolex Take Care Of A Explorer Watch Modified By An Unauthorized 3rd Party?

An illegal watchmaker has fixed or repaired a Rolex Explorer, and Rolex will not service it. When looking for more info on this question, you should also consider reading the following: how to buy used Rolex screw?

Rolex somehow doesn't allow third-party watchmakers to operate on their timepieces. In some situations, Rolex may service the timekeeper, but you may be charged for any non-genuine Rolex parts discovered inside the timepiece. It could end up being an expensive bill. In my opinion, The Rolex Explorer should be serviced or repaired at a reputable watchmaker if it has been serviced or repaired outside of the Rolex Service Centre. It is common to find terms like Rolex Datejust first waterproof watch with this topic.

Is there a Grey Market Rolex Explorer service offered by Rolex? According to my study and the information I acquired, Rolex will service timepieces purchased on the black market. Black market and grey market are two different things. Genuine Rolex is sold by a grey market vendor who is not an authorised Rolex dealer. On the black market, Rolex fakes and stolen timekeepers are sold. Rolex will service your grey market Rolex Explorer as long as it is 100 percent authentic with no parts altered. For more information about the brand: I recommend that you also read about the following: how much is it to repair a Rolex?

The identification and examination of the watch is the first stage in the Rolex Service. If the wristwatch is a forgery, Rolex will confiscate it. Just examining the Oyster case will tell a certified Rolex watchmaker that the timepiece is not a Rolex. When the model is open, the fake movement will be immediately visible. A Rolex clone will not deceive a professional Rolex watchmaker.

Can You Service A Pre-owned Rolex Explorer From Unauthorized Dealers?

Rolex will service an authentic Rolex Explorer without documentation. The original paperwork are frequently missing from Rolex watches. Nevertheless, the timepiece can be serviced at a Rolex Service Center regardless. You may also be interested in reading about the following topic: how often to Rolex ads get watches?

The Rolex Explorer without papers must be authentic, have not been modified, and not be a stolen watch. At Rolex, we will service the timepiece.

The Rolex paper is the green plastic card that accompanies every new Rolex Explorer wristwatch. The card looks like a credit card. It used to be a paper document, that is why everybody uses the terms Rolex document or Rolex paper. Some people may not have the original Rolex Explorer papers for a variety of reasons. Here is the page where you can find information about Rolex full service price specifically. Does Rolex service a Rolex Explorer without papers? In short, yes.

The Rolex card functions similarly to a wristwatch ID card. There is a reference to the model as well as the serial number. The Rolex dealer's name and the date of purchase are printed on the card. The Rolex warranty is also included in this card. Each Rolex timekeeper has only ever been given one card. Rolex SA will not replace a lost or stolen card. (If this issue interests you, you should also read about the following: when should a Rolex Air King be serviced?)

Rolex will service genuine Rolex Explorer that lack documentation. A serial number is commonly found on the Oyster Case side of a Rolex Explorer wrist watch. Embossed on the case is a number that represents the model and movement. Besides a serial number, it also includes a date. Its serial number can be used to identify its original configuration and track its history. If you are specifically looking for information about service cost Rolex watch you may find the answer here.

It is possible for Rolex to service a Rolex Explorer because the serial number is checked by the Rolex Service Centre. They'll be able to tell when the watch was registered and how long it's been serviced this way. Rolex Service Centres can consult the Rolex Explorer database to determine if it has been stolen or lost. When a watch is reported stolen, it can be kept.

Rolex will check the watches to see if they are authentic Explorer. If the timekeeper has been changed or work has been done by other parties, Rolex may refuse to service it. If you don't have the original Rolex Explorer documents, you'll have to figure out if the watch has been altered or serviced by a third-party. It's also helpful to know where it was bought or who the prior owner was. Records related to its purchase would be helpful.

Recommendations about swimming with a Rolex Explorer

If you are planning to swim with a Rolex Explorer, it's good to know that Rolex Explorer watches are waterproof up to 100m in depth. As long as the Rolex Explorer is used correctly, you can go swimming with it. The Rolex Explorer water resistance of 100m/330ft or 10ATM is sufficient to swim in the pool and the ocean.

All modern Rolex watches are built with a water-resistant Oyster case. The Rolex patented case with 100 meters of water resistance and can be in the water for swimming or bathing but is not recommended to dive with it. Also, you should not go swimming with a vintage Rolex Explorer. Water-resistant is not a permanent feature, it needs servicing, gaskets replacement and water pressure testing. This is why it is not recommended to expose a vintage Rolex Explorer to water.

100m/330ft or 10ATM water resistance is suitable to go swimming with a Rolex Explorer. The watch has water resistant features that make it fine to wear in a swimming pool and even in the sea. The Rolex Explorer Oyster case is a threaded watch case. It means that the crown and the case are screw-down and seal with gaskets, like a submarine hatch. This Rolex innovation increases the watch's waterproofness and performs better than water-resistant watches using just screws to seal the watch.

In summary: Swimming with your Rolex Explorer

  • Rolex Explorer Oyster are suitable for swimming
  • Check that the crown is screw-down fully before going swimming
  • Swimming with a vintage Rolex Explorer is not recommended
  • High water impacts such are board and cliff diving are not recommended
  • Underwater diving is not suitable for a 100meters/330ft/10 ATM water resistance Rolex Explorer watch.
  • Rolex Explorer watches expose to water will need extra care.
  • Always rinse a Rolex Explorer watch with fresh water after your swim.
  • Monitor the Rolex of signs of malfunction

Rolex Explorer Water Resistance Rating

All Rolex Explorer models are water-resistant. Rolex's standard water resistance is 100m/330ft, the equivalent of 10 ATM/BAR.

In that respect, only the Rolex Cellini with its 50m/165ft or 5 ATM/BAR depth rating is an exception for Rolex SA. Rolex also produces diving watches with a higher waterproof guarantee.

Rolex Explorer 100m/330ft depth rating is more than enough for most everyday activities involving contact with water, such as bathing and showering. You can swim in the sea and in the pool with a 100m/330ft depth water-resistant Rolex Explorer watch.

Here is the list of other Rolex watches with a 100m/330ft/10ATM depth ratings:

  • Rolex Air-King
  • Rolex Cosmograph Daytona
  • Rolex Datejust
  • Rolex Datejust II
  • Rolex Explorer II
  • Rolex GMT-Master II
  • Rolex Milgauss
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual
  • Rolex Sky-Dweller

A water-resistant watch up to 100m/330ft means that it can withstand being submerged in water for a long period of time without any damage happening to it. In other words, the watch can get in the water and can be used for swimming.

Be aware that these Rolex watches listed above are not designed for diving and high impact water activities, such as cliff diving or water jet skiing.

Rolex manufacture watches that are suitable for diving or high impact water sports.

Rolex watch collections for diving

  • Rolex Submariner
  • Rolex Submariner Date
  • Rolex Sea-Dweller
  • Rolex Deep Sea

The Rolex diving watches available on the market has a water resistance range from 300m/1000ft up to 1200m/4000ft depth rating.

The best way to know the exact depth rating of a diver Rolex watch is by consulting the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines for care and maintenance information on their website.

Rolex Explorer Water Resistant Twinlock Crown

Historically, the winding crown has always been the weak point for water-resistant watches. It does not matter how waterproof the case is when the crown stem creates an opening in it.

This opening on the side of the watch case has been a challenge for watch manufacturers. To prevent water penetration through the crown stem, many watchmakers have added a gasket around the crown.

Rolex Explorer has a patented Twinlock system to give better water-resistant than the classic gasket around the crown. The watch has a threaded crown that screws down to the case, and a threaded stem crown has been added.

The Rolex's Twinlock is combining threaded stems with rubber o rings to enhanced water tightness. The threaded stem tube has a second twin gasket inside, that keeps the water out when the crown is open.

Even though the gasket inside the tube prevents water from entering the movement when the crown is unscrewed, Rolex does not guarantee waterproofness when the crown is unscrewed.

Swimming with a Rolex Explorer, check list :

  • Test a Rolex Explorer water resistance periodically
  • Get the Rolex Explorer pressure assessed every 12 months; the test will confirm that your Rolex Explorer is still water-resistant with the manufacture specifications.
  • If the test fails, have the Rolex Explorer service immediately (Rolex Service).
  • The price to repair a rusted Rolex Explorer movement can be high, I mean HIGH.
  • Rust damage is not usually visible on the outside of a Rolex Explorer.

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