Where to repair an Omega watch?

How to deal with a water damaged Omega watch

Often an Omega watch is such a part of the day that we become too comfortable with it and don’t treat our Omega watch as the delicate time piece it really is.

It can lead to slight damages, some scratches when our Omega watch bumps into things, some dirt build up, especially around the band, and the most difficult of all to correct is the water damage.

It can happen when your Omega watch is splashed or submerged in water for any length of time. A water-resistant Omega watch will survive underwater, but if the seals are worn or misaligned even these are susceptible to water damage.

When an Omega watch comes in contact with water, there are ways to limit the damage that occurs or even keep it from having any damages at all.

If you are using your Omega watch for swimming or going underwater, the Omega watch seals need to be check and water pressure resistance need to be tested once a year.

What to do if water goes inside your Omega watch?

Water inside an Omega Seamaster and Omega Speedmaster watch

Some people start shaking their watch to get the water out, don’t do it. It’s a terrible idea.

The first thing that you need to do is to stop the watch movement by pulling out the crown. It will reduce damaged until you can have the watch open and fully dry.

1. Remove outside water

With a soft cloth remove water from the surface of the watch without causing scratches to the watch face or case. Once the outer of the watch is dried it is time to address the inner workings of the watch.

2. Reducing the risk of damaged

Ultimately your Omega watch will need to be open by professional watchmaker fully dry and service. To limit the damage water can cause to your Omega watch you need to reduce the amount of moisture inside the watch, until you can bring it to be serviced.

With the crown open, gently put your watch on a bed of uncooked rice inside a container. This is not perfect but it is probably the best DIY solution to reduce moisure.

Dont expose you Omega watch to direct sunlight or a heat source to speed up the drying process. This can cause more damaged to your watch.

3. Contact a local watchmaker

Use the internet to find the nearest authorised Omega repair and service center. You will need to bring your Omega watch in person. You can use a mail in service because you will have not idea how your watch will be handle in transport.

4. Have you water damaged Omega watch service

A water internal movement that has been exposed to water will need to be fully service by a professional watchmaker. An authorized Omega repair center will be able to open, dismantled

and asset the situation. You Omega watch will be clean, re-assembled and correctly lubricated.

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